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The evaluation and management of rare genitourinary cancers are highly heterogeneous and often non-optimized across countries. Similarly, unfortunately, these cancers are often poorly studied based on the paucity of cases cared for outside of the tertiary care referral and/or supra-regionalization center. In consequence, we are pleased to announce an international effort to develop a Global Society of Rare GU Cancers (GSRGC) which will have both an educational and research mission to promote evidence-based diagnostic and treatment standards across the world through conferences on specific topics (e.g. penile/testis cancer), along with other initiatives. These activities will gather contributions from international thought leaders on the subject matter and integrate cutting edge innovative research topics such that exciting novel discoveries can be disseminated across the global scientific community. Most noteworthy, we plan to integrate patient advocacy as part of this effort such that the concerns and feedback of our patients can be integrated into our educational and research mission.


Philippe E Spiess, M.D.                                                

President of the GSRGC


Andrea Necchi, M.D.                                             

Vice-president of the GSRGC

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